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"Liberty, love! These two I need." (Sándor Petőfi, the famous Hungarian poet)

Those who visit the Tokaj wine region will find both liberty and love. Freedom is represented by the never-ending and diverse natural wonders found from the Zemplén hills to the Bodrogköz (the geographical entity that lies between the Tisza and Bodrog rivers). Love is embodied by the wine itself, as well as by the centuries-old culture surrounding this unique wine region which captures everyone's heart.

This book serves up 50 profiles of the people who make the wine and the region what it is, with more than 70 recommended wineries, over 300 extraordinary photos, plus new and original maps of the vineyards – and much more...

The past twenty-five years of the Tokaj Wine Region has been characterised by a magical resurrection. People and vineyards played enormous roles in this renewal process. This book is predestined to document the most important events of this period, and it would like to bring the modern Tokaj-Hegyalja a bit closer to the readers.

* about the author

Dániel KÉZDY He has already laid great emphasis on dealing with wine during his studies at the College of Catering, Budapest, then he has completed his studies by doing a WSET high-level course in London. He has been working in different fields in connection with wine, mainly in wine marketing. His interest has turned to Tokaj-Hegyalja in the last few years. His intellectual property is the Furmint February (Furmint Február) programme series, the thematic wine tasting event series devoted to Furmint grape varieties all over Hungary in each February, which was launched by him in 2010.

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